FOSCA SALVI – interaction designer

After years of never updating my website I finally decided to take it down, so now there is only this description and the hope for a new website soon.

I design interactions between people and “things”. These “things” can be of different nature, for example websites, apps, installations, interactive objects, etc. I am Italian, I studied in Milan (Bachelor’s degree in Design at NABA) and in Venice (Master’s degree in Visual and Multimedia Communication at Iuav, University of Venice, following the Interaction Design classes of Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor). While studying I collaborated occasionally with the Milan based design consultancy Id-Lab.

In 2012, during my last year in Venice I decided to see some more of the rest of the world, so I did a first internship at Designit in Munich, then a second one at LUSTlab in Den Haag. Falling in love with the Netherlands made me come back here after graduating at Iuav I then started working at the design agency VanBerlo. I left VanBerlo in May 2014 after almost two years there.

I am now working as interaction designer at Lava, in Amsterdam, and when I can I collaborate with Lava Lab. In my free time I also help my friends of Meraviglia Paper.

I spent the last three years trying to learn Dutch and to get used to the weather in the Netherlands. Both operations didn’t fully work out, but I keep trying!

You can find me on many social media:
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